A self shooting observational documentary producer/director making engaging, thought-provoking films about real people, often filming over extended timeframes.

Darren McGarvey’s Class Wars : Synopsis

My Role
Series Filmed and Directed
Exec Producer BBC 
David Harron
Exec Producer for Tern TV
Harry Bell
Prod Co
Tern TV
BBC Scotland
Transmission Date
From 9th Feb 2021

A watershed series’ (The National)

4 x 1 hour documentary series examining the impact of social class today in Scotland

Ep 1: Identity Crisis

As Darren examines how social class shapes our identities and destinies, he meets people moving between the classes only for some uncomfortable home truths to emerge.

Ep 2: Home Sweet Home?

Darren examines how social class, and where we live, impacts our lives in ways that few realise: from our addictions to our qualifications, violence and even who owns our land.

Ep 3: Power to the People?

As Darren examines the power imbalance which lies at the heart of social class, he begins to question if the system is rigged. Just who has the power?

Ep 4: Rear View Mirror

As Darren examines social class he begins to wonder if we can ever overthrow the legacy it continues to exert over our lives today.