A self shooting observational documentary producer/director making engaging, thought-provoking films about real people, often filming over extended timeframes.

  • A compelling plea for understanding of the mental strain placed on soldiers in war

  • This is a love story as much as it is one about war and death

    Saga Magzine
  • An exercise in morality that’s impossible to judge from a sofa

  • Forensically produced… gripping

  • Granular and accessible

    The Guardian
  • A watershed series

    The National
  • Approaching its subject with the sort of clear-eyed narrative focus normally found in Alex Gibney’s films

  • A terrifying masterpiece

    Sunday Times
  • “A gripping, poignant and moving portrayal of a dark decade”

    The National
  • “Utterly compelling”

  • “There won’t be a better documentary series this year. Brilliant”

    Daily Record
  • “Everything you’d want such a bleakly necessary documentary to be”

  • “Stephen Bennett’s laudable film... adds profound humanity by offering a voice to those affected”

  • ‘Funny, heartbreaking and compellingly violent’

    Radio Times
  • ‘It makes an interesting contribution to how disabled people are portrayed on television.’

    The Sunday Herald
  • ‘an outstanding and important piece of television’

    Paul Whitelaw, Journalist
  • ‘Hair-raising…the lost boys found a voice’

    The Sunday Herald
  • ‘Bricks (to chuck at the screen) and ice (to cool your boiling blood) at the ready’

    Sunday Herald
  • ‘A harrowing case of ‘Lord of the Flies’ bullying’

    Daily Express
  • ‘A heartbreaking, troubling documentary... A powerful depiction of despair and neglect’

  • “A poised and moving study in cause and effect”

    Daily Record
  • ‘I urge you to seek it out for an unvarnished, unsentimental and angry exposition of the nation’s ills’

    The Times
  • ‘You’ll never hear anything like that on Panorama, and that’s exactly why his programme is needed’

    The Herald