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Darren McGarvey’s Class Wars : Reviews

My Role
Series Filmed and Directed
Exec Producer BBC 
David Harron
Exec Producer for Tern TV
Harry Bell
Prod Co
Tern TV
BBC Scotland
Transmission Date
From 9th Feb 2021

McGarvey’s intelligence and scabrous commentary held it firmly together… a dense but accessible hour [marrying] granular detail with overarching theory and wide perspective, personal insight with politics without remotely threatening to sprawl.

Darren has the canny ability to explain complex ideas with a lyrical clarity…going deep into the historical intricacies of these island’s social divisions with a keen enthusiasm and wisdom

The Sunday Times

A watershed series, which breaks through barriers. This is serious TV with complexity, intelligence, heart and explicit politics.

Seeing McGarvey wrestling with this complexity, often in very personal ways, raised the film several cuts above. For fearlessness, he’s easily up there with Louis Theroux and his like. I found myself thinking about the film for hours afterwards, which is more than you can say about anything Piers Morgan has ever done.