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Emiment Monsters : Screenings

A Manual for Modern Torture

1 x 52'
1 x 89'
My Role
John Archer
Prod Co
Hopscotch Films
BBC Scotland
Creative Scotland
World Premier
Glasgow Film Festival
March 2019

On 25th September 2019 I was asked to give the closing Keynote on the use of Psychological Torture by Governments at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons. Hosted by the 1916 Club (run by Oisin McElvaney) other speakers were Professor of Ethics David Smith, Hooded Men Francie McGuigan and Liam Shannon, Father Murray, who wrote the book ‘Hooded Men’, and Professor Shane O’Mara who wrote the incredible Why Torture Doesn't Work.


Professor of Ethics in the RCSI introduces the speakers and discusses the ethical dilemma of physician-facilitated torture.

Francie McGuigan describes his treatment at the hands of the British state

Liam Shannon decribes his experiences as a "hooded man"

Leading neuroscientist from TCD, professor Shane O'Mara discusses the effects of tortuture and the healthcare professionals who have a role to play in creating the techniques used on the hooded men as well as those detained in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

Director Stephen Bennett gives us an in depth discussion on the history of the torture techniques trialled in 1971 in North Ireland and around the world.