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Power to the Pococks : Tweets

One of the highest ever audiences on BBC Two Scotland in that slot

My Role
Exec Producer for Timeline
Kathryn Ross
Exec Producer for BBC
David Harron
Production Company
Timeline Films
BBC Two Scotland
Transmission Date
9pm, 24th October

A selection of tweets:

  • @Sarah_Lou95 I so miss home watching our documentary. The response has been great, so gland you all enjoyed it!

  • @lawrencej66 Facebook is giving me dejavu tonight

  • @woodmoose I love watching folk down south panic about power cuts – they should watch power to the pococks

  • @jmharron Loved Power to the Pococks. Inspiring, emotional, wonderful. More please

  • @gillneal @mechanics_tale Power to the Pococks was brilliant tv program’ amazing family-theres no way I could cope with living like that!

  • @yog052 what a heart warming family loved, loved loved it nice documentary crofting and lots of hard work

  • @tubysandwich We need and episode 2!

  • @mechanics_tale was a brilliant tv program, truly inspired by their approach and never say die attitude to life each day

  • @tattiesnHerring what an excellent programme we could do with more tv like this in Scotland

  • @rob_feature81 that was a great wee documentary so glad I stumbled upon

  • @croftingLaw hope they get to see the Power to the Pococks south of the border. Not just interest to scots

  • @LWhiteMedia what a wee gem Power to the Pococks

  • @keepinitgolden high school and uni campus on telly woo

  • @MalcolmPlockton who needs power to be happy. Great family and great programme

  • @GoldCascade Aah I see…I gues us city dwellers see things differently (or don’t see them til its in a supermkt tray)

  • @onin543 loving them, then disagreeing with them, then feeling touched by it all so I’ll keep watching the Pocock family

  • @sprinterstu pony trekking and wild camping, fantastic dream

  • @islayian watching Power to the Pococks on BBC2 Scotland. Lots of this is familiar but glad I have power

  • @GoldCascade shooting the sheep with the rifle will be equally kwik as stunning in abattoir…Rest is no different

  • @GordonIngram19 weicht lyk

  • @GoldCascade @Carolinefoulis why…bcos he shoots and eats them?

  • @BusyOT look it’s the school that the @Woodmoose bairns go to

  • @GoldCascade I guess the Solar Power man wont be back!!

  • @eakeir Power to the Pococks is such an insight! Strikes a chord a little with my project. Why did we leave the farm!!

  • @BusyOT That has to be the best line this year ‘so basically I need the sun to shine at night’ to get solar power

  • @onin543 Ravens can foretell death? Shite I’ve got 5 in my garden usually… I’m DEEED!

  • @Carolinefoulis his attitude to his animals is questionable

  • @Moragh7 think we may all have miners lamps on our heads this winter

  • @sprinterstu really admire this family, might be a more basic way of life but more fulfilling I guess

  • @BusyOT pylons, pylons everywhere and not a licht tae light!!

  • @nichol_grant Some life that’d be!

  • @ClaireOgstonx This is so interesting

  • @BusyOT Glen Affric – not all that far from home! But to be fair we’ve got electricity!!

  • @cloudpurple Not sure what to make of Power to the Pococks prog – not sure normal crofting life?

  • @susienoblex Power to the Pococks was so cute and totally honest unlike most other shows, loved it!

  • @StobnaBroige …Absoltuely! Smashin’ shame on the power companies, AGAIN.. ps vote Yes

  • @jonthescot Just finished watching Power to the Pococks…absolutely fascinating, well worth a watch

  • @neil_hedley Really enjoyed the program tonight on bbc2 Power to the Pococks

  • @AlanMcCombes BBC2 documentary Power to the Pococks very good. More evidence of the need for publicly and community-owned energy

  • @Linda83ross loved Power to the Pococks!

  • @besto000 Power to the Pococks livin the dream

  • @MagnusMacDaid Gails family. She was telling me about it the other day

  • @Joseph_a_mclean loving this family on BBC2

  • @sweenyness Anyone watching Power to the Pococks? The woman voicing it isn’t east to listen to

  • @BrianMilne1 That’s it. Im selling up to become a crofter. Not sure how I’ll approach the subject with sam

  • @albanachan BBC2 brilliant Power to the Pococks

  • @Siobhan Synnot Watching Power to the Pococks on BBC2 for work, or I would have pulled the plug on its relentlessly hearty presentation

  • @stephenhallfc Power to the Pococks …real insight

  • @LiamRobertson11 it’s a good thing I recorded Power to the Pococks think I would cry if I missed it

  • @RexOnTheSadio Drum unites to watch Power to the Pococks- Drums proud

  • @mhairi_willison Its Power to the Pococks time. Tune into see Sarah who I am at uni with

  • @badpenny31 Might try BBC2 Power to the Pococks

  • @lawrencej66 I’ve lost my remote so atm it looks like im not watching Power to the Pococks!

  • @SmartCallum lets hope we don’t get a power cut mid way through Power to the Pococks

  • @LouisaPhinn Getting cosy to watch Power to the Pococks

  • @Williamrose8 Waterloo road, educating Yorkshire Naa Power to the Pococks all the way

  • @HelenMacKinven I don’t watch much TV during the week but Power to the Pococks at 9pm looks interesting

  • @jamacjamac Havent had much time for TV recently but Power to the Pococks tonight on bbc2 looks good

  • @secretlynessie they’re showing Power to the Pococks at the Cannich hall on the big screen, aww haha

  • @LWhiteMedia Glen Affric Power to the Pococks – I want that life!!

  • @Higoodlife insight into the mad life of the wild highlands on bbc2 Power to the Pococks