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Power to the Pococks : Synopsis

One of the highest ever audiences on BBC Two Scotland in that slot

My Role
Exec Producer for Timeline
Kathryn Ross
Exec Producer for BBC
David Harron
Production Company
Timeline Films
BBC Two Scotland
Transmission Date
9pm, 24th October

How do you raise a family and grow a business, without electricity, in the middle of one of Scotland’s last wildernesses?

Meet the Pocock family - Iain (42) and Sasha (36), four children, 19 horses, 12 sheep, 6 dogs and two cows. They are living the good life ‘off the grid’ in a croft beside Glen Affric National Park in the Scottish Highlands. Here they grow their own veg, milk Poppy the cow, butcher their own meat and continually hunt for firewood to heat the family home. And so they live, following on from Iain’s parents who first arrived in the glen in 1962.

But times are a changing and the lure of the 21st century is proving seductive. Eldest, Sarah, is applying to University; the young boys are noticing they are the only ones in class with no Game Boys and the cost of running their erratic diesel generators are fast eating into food money. And now, blotting the skyline, is a massive £600m pylon line shipping excess electricity from right beside the Pococks all the way through the Cairngorms and down into Stirlingshire. Daily progress of the line can be seen from the Sasha’s back yard and she would like a bit of it….

“It’s tough when you see the pylons so close to your house - you see all this electricity being shipped away and I can’t even turn on the light bulb or washing machine, the hoover - just mad” Sasha Pocock

Power to the Pococks spends a year in the life with the family as mother Sasha tries to switch on a brand new future for her family. But will the big power company play ball with the wee family at the end of the Glen?