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My Perfect Wheelchair : Ratings/Tweets

My Role
Exec Producer
Jo Roe
Production Company
BBC Scotland
BBC Two Scotland
Transmission Date
9pm, 19th July 2012
5.15pm, 9th Sept BBC1


1 million viewers

5% audience share

A.I. Score 79

Tweets from Network TX

  • @xMarsMinxx Watching My Perfect Wheelchair I recorded yesterday a chair made from carbon fibre with LED lights in the front! Very cool!!!

  • @NY2SYSolo Woops, 'My Perfect Wheelchair' @_CarbonBlack was on BBC2. It's worth watching http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01hrb10/My_Perfect_Wheelchair/

  • @Rob_A_Bracewell Watching 'My Perfect Wheelchair', lovely, but £10k?????

  • @NY2SYSolo Just watched 'My Perfect Wheelchair' on BBC1. Great doc about Andrew Slorance's @_CarbonBlack and his struggles to design a new wheelchair.

  • @Colin_Gleave Why is there a program called 'My Perfect Wheelchair'

  • @ChrisJ_F1 Really enjoying this 'My Perfect Wheelchair' programme on BBC 2, I'd love to design one for my project this year

  • @SuButcher This guy needs business advice “@DisabledAdvice I'm just watching My Perfect Wheelchair on BBC2.”

  • @DisabledAdvice I'm just watching My Perfect Wheelchair on BBC2.

  • @timfarrski Watching my perfect wheelchair @_CarbonBlack

  • @lewiswitterx 'My Perfect Wheelchair' on BBC 2, might have to record that one..

  • @J_L_E BBC2's My Perfect Wheelchair undoing all the good @C4Paralympics has done and it's only 5 mins in

  • @imGemmabtw_x Nairn is on my perfect wheelchair! Haha

  • @narco_sam Catching a bit of BBC's "My Perfect #Wheelchair" while waiting for the Grand Prix highlights...

  • @jemmabrown "My perfect wheelchair" on #BBC2 now is one man about to revolutionise the #wheelchair

  • @vip__tv UK TV - My Perfect Wheelchair (NEW) Live Stream Online http://shar.es/7MZ4o via @sharethis

  • @onbbc2now 17:15 My Perfect Wheelchair Andrew Slorance's endeavour to produce and sell the perfect wheelchair. http://bbc.in/Q7zHE5

  • @Geohutchinson_x “Am I still drunk or is there a programme on BBC 2 called my perfect wheelchair”

  • @CarlNixon If you havent seen it, My Perfect Wheelchair is on BBC2 at 5.15 today. Well worth a watch Spinal Injuries ‏@spinalinjuries

  • @CarlNixon Did anyone catch #myperfectwheelchair yesterday on @BBC2 http://bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01hrb10/My_Perfect_Wheelchair/

  • @velse #MyPerfectWheelchair rather highlights what happens without user testing. A £10k chair that lasts years rather than decades? Christ.

  • @ZecRich @WheelyMedic #MyPerfectWheelchair #UglyAsSin its nothing new, a new design should change drastically

  • @J_L_E #myperfectwheelchair you know there's a lot of cutting in Dragon'sDen?

  • @J_L_E also, compare #MyPerfectWheelchair to a Kuschall K4, RGK Max Lite or Quickie Ti Helium. Ahhhh. No comparison methinks!

  • @ZecRich I don't think its attractive #carbonblack #MyPerfectWheelchair

  • @WheelyMedic Mate, if your chair cracks by being dropped on the floor, do you really think anyone is going to spend £10K on it?! #MyPerfectWheelchair

  • @ZecRich Wow broken when dropped #MyPerfectWheelchair should be stronger than that, wheelchairs lead a brutal life

  • @Boab10 Its an interesting point from the man on #myperfectwheelchair, 'I don't like the word disabled (used to disarm a bomb) but I have to use it'

  • @J_L_E I saw #MyPerfectWheelchair when it was on 1st time round & I tell ya what; it's far from perfect! Ugly, Too dear, too easily broken!

  • @naidexshows #Myperfectwheelchair with #AndrewSlorance is on again NOW on #BBC2 if you missed It last time round!

  • @_Bad_Wolf_Bay_ #Carbonblack is suitable 4 v few #spoonies; those who can't self-propel, hav no upper body strength, & £10k 2 spare. #MyPerfectWheelchair

  • @J_L_E #myperfectwheelchair a manual should last you much longer than 3 years

  • @J_L_E #myperfectwheelchair those spokes will break easily and carbon fibre is not a new material when it comes to chairs

  • @Crownjulez #MyPerfectWheelchair BBC2 is brilliant Watch it

  • @thesturge Andrew Slorance on BBC Breakfast just now. What a total dude! #myperfectwheelchair

  • @TheButlerPA Just watched Andrew Slorance on #BBC #myperfectwheelchair. That's a man with a purpose! We wish you all the best in the marketplace!

Tweets from BBC Scotland TX

  • NAIDEX @naidexshows so much love for #carbonblack and great #design by Andrew Slorance

  • Simon kelso ‏@simonkelso @_CarbonBlack like wise too,I just ordered a quickie Q7 but I wish your chair was available in the usa. I woulda ordered in a heartbeat.

  • Greg Judge ‏@gregjudge @_CarbonBlack watched the doc, very interesting. Best of luck and would be good to meet one day, Greg :)

  • Blackwood Foundation ‏@Blackwood_F Watching my perfect wheelchair on bbc2 http://bbc.in/NOXTc7 @_CarbonBlack

  • Wheely Ferret ‏@WheelyMedic I like this guy Andrew Slorence's thinking, but even 10K is mad dear when a good RGK, Quickie or Cyclone will cost a max of 4K. #CarbonBlack

  • Wheely Ferret ‏@WheelyMedic 20K for a wheelchair?! Are you having a laugh? :O #CarbonBlack #bbc2

  • Corporate Edge ‏@Corporate_Edge http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-18894180 - #carbonblack wheelchairs are so cool, reminds me of Professor X.I would love to have a go, very cool. LB

  • Amanda Wrathall ‏@AWrathall #myperfectwheelchair great tv. Investors a great opportunity

  • Amanda Wrathall ‏@AWrathall Turn over now and watch BBC2 #myperfectwheelchair Andrew and Mary loving programme already

  • Colbangers ‏@Colbangers #MyPerfectWheelchair would have two functioning legs sticking out of my hips.

  • 6PM Studios ‏@6PMStudios Fantastic design by Andrew Slorance. Don't even need a wheelchair, but i'm so envious of the user.

  • Wheelchair Laser Tag ‏@WLT_est2010 @_CarbonBlack would be great to talk to you about how Wheelchair Laser Tag and yourselves could work together