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My Perfect Wheelchair : Synopsis

My Role
Exec Producer
Jo Roe
Production Company
BBC Scotland
BBC Two Scotland
Transmission Date
9pm, 19th July 2012
5.15pm, 9th Sept BBC1

Andrew Slorance (42) has spent the last four years dedicated to making "something that was going to make a difference to other people and to me." Without any experience in product design, he quit his job to devise, manufacture and market what Andrew believes is the world's most perfect wheelchair: a radical carbon fibre chair fit for the 21st century - and one his wife, Mary, calls "super sexy looking".

A wheelchair user himself since his early teens when he fell out of a tree, Nairn-based Andrew has been frustrated by the limitations of standard wheelchairs ever since. This emotional BBC documentary follows him over two years in his quest to bring "Carbon Black" to market. Can one man's dream change an industry that largely hasn't changed for decades? Basing his design on his own needs after 27 year of using a wheelchair, as opposed to market research, what will his target market make of it?

From manufacturing disasters, such as the dropping of a display model just hours before his first ever public unveiling; to meetings with dragons Deborah Meaden and Richard Farleigh; we see first-hand the effect it has on his wife and step children as he sinks nearly £200,000 and his heart and soul along the way.