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Murder in a Small Town : Synopsis

My Role
Series Filmed and Directed
Series Producer
Jen Gilroy
Exec Producer Channel 5
Exec Producer for Firecracker Films
Elspeth O’Hare
Prod Co
Firecracker Films
Channel 5
Transmission Date
24th Feb 2021
25th Feb 2021

In the summer of 2003, 14-year-old school girl Jodi Jones was brutally murdered in a quiet Scottish town. In a shocking twist her killer was revealed to be her 14-year-old boyfriend, Luke Mitchell. He has always denied murdering Jodi and continues to maintain his innocence.

Now 17 years after the murder, this two-part documentary will re-examine the case against Luke Mitchell with former detectives, Mick Neill and John Sallens, with fifty years of experience between them. Working alongside them is Professor Allan Jamieson and Sara Gomes of Scotland’s Forensic Institute, John Scott QC; Dr Sandra Lean, criminologist and campaigner; investigative journalist Neil Mackay and reporter Bob Smythe who arranged for Luke and his mother Corinne to sit a Lie Detector Test.

With exclusive recordings from inside prison Luke tells his story, speaking publicly for the first time since he was a teenager. Was an innocent child wronged by the criminal justice system? And could this be one of Britain’s most shocking miscarriage of justices?