A self shooting observational documentary producer/director making engaging, thought-provoking films about real people, often filming over extended timeframes.

Murder in a Small Town : Crew

My Role
Series Filmed and Directed
Series Producer
Jen Gilroy
Exec Producer Channel 5
Exec Producer for Firecracker Films
Elspeth O’Hare
Prod Co
Firecracker Films
Channel 5
Transmission Date
24th Feb 2021
25th Feb 2021
Lucy Briers
Post Production
MSV Post
On-Line Editor
Guido Schneider
Dubbing Mixer
Kevin Dallas
Drone Footage
Bill Gill
Production Accountant
Gemma Chudley
Legal and Business Affairs
Mauny Wright
Cassie Mensah
David McKie
Production Assistant
Adam Murdoch
Assistant Producers
David McKinlay
Vicki Watson
Director of Production
Eleanor Bailey
Production Executive
Jill Greenwood
Archive Producer
Nessa Dundon
Production Manager
Emily Rickets
Film Editors
Dave Clark
Chris Walker
Chief Creative Officer
Jes Wilkins
Executive Producer
Elspeth O’Hare
Series Director
Stephen Bennett
Series Producer
Jennifer Gilroy