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Warriors : Tweets

My Role
Exec Producer
Ewan Angus
Production Company
Saltire Film and TV Productions
BBC One Scotland
Transmission Date
10.35pm, 5th April 2012

A selection of tweets:

  • Lynsey1991 @Lynsey1991 Loved Revisiting the Boys of Ballikinrain. Bradley, the narrator, was an inspiration. Magnificent TV.

  • harbourhussy @harbourhussy Just watched a tv programme catching up with boys in the care system from Scotland in Ballikinrain. I want to help these young guys so much!

  • tasha912010 @tasha912010 Watching revisiting the boys of ballikinrain nice to see at least 1 lad has changed his life

  • hampson_d @hampson_d Bradley very inspiring young man on BBC "Warriors". Hope for our disenfranchised youth.

  • ciaransummers11 @ciaransummers11 Programme about the boys of ballikinrain onbbc1 is so sad! Such a shame for some of these people.

  • KIrstyGraham18 @KIrstyGraham18 Watching warriors: revisiting the boys of ballikinrain… Very very interesting

  • michaelladr @michaelladr I hate when people refer to everyone on warriors the bbcs programme as "chavs" and "neds".

  • LauraWeir21 @LauraWeir21 As a care leaver myself and a young mm what you said on tonight show made the penny drop for me :) thank you #warriors

  • AineAislingMam @AineAislingMam That'll never catch on. Expectation will be raised when it'll be the same old chemical cosh therapy

  • CatrionaGrant @CatrionaGrant Healing and Recovery Service, a new way of thinking

  • LauraWeir21 @LauraWeir21 Also I think large institutes "care homes" aren't effective, kids need nurtured in a homely environment where staff can give children the care they need, I have thought a lot about this.

  • Kate_Wilson70 @Kate_Wilson70 I think antenatal classes need to be less about breathing and more about attachment and child development.