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Commonwealth City : Ratings and Tweets

‘There wont be a better documentary series this year. Brilliant’ (Daily Record)

My Role
Exec Producer
Jo Roe
BBC Two Scotland
BBC1 (Network)
Transmission Date
10.35pm, 19th May (Scotland)
11.35pm, 7th July (Network)


Scotland only TX

Ep 1 (May 19th @22.35) – 21% audience share / 248,000 viewers

Ep 2 (May 26th @22.35) – 17.4% audience share / 187,000 viewers

Ep 3 (June 2nd @ 22.35) – 23.5% audience share / 246,000 viewers

Network TX

Ep 1 (July 7th @23.35) – 9.5 audience share / 553,600 viewers

Ep 2 (July 14th @00.35) – 7.9% audience share / 435,900 viewers

Ep 3 (July 21st @23.35) -


  • ClunieNancy

    Wee reminder that 2nd part of Commonwealth City is on tonight. @hello_bennett - you've got everyone talking. #CommonwealthCity

    26/05/2014 08:33

  • RobJ93

    Just watched the first episode of #CommonwealthCity , sickening how the council can treat the people of their city

    22/05/2014 09:59

  • missychelsea268

    Omg have you seen #commonwealthcity @laura_kennedy26 poor woman lost here paid for home shocking behaviour from our local goverment

    22/05/2014 00:00

  • robmcd85

    Oh that #CommonwealthCity was dire! Reminded me of the scheme. Wasn't a fan at all.

    22/05/2014 20:16

  • PaulDaly4

    Just catching up on this #commonwealthcity from the other night there is a few tosspots in #dalmarnock eh?

    21/05/2014 23:55

  • AimeeClaireMc

    Seems they have failed, again, to include the people who live there in the "managing change" process #commonwealthcity

    21/05/2014 19:48

  • kevinscott01

    I watched #CommonwealthCity last night, dumbfounded by the negative reaction to the regeneration of a deprived area.

    21/05/2014 09:13

  • ironic_sparkles

    Oh so you want to improve their lives? Did you actually ask them? No? No change there then #commonwealthcity my arse @GlasgowCC

    21/05/2014 07:13

  • ironic_sparkles

    Couldn't finish watching #CommonwealthCity - made me too angry at @GlasgowCC for just bulldozing through people's lives + livelihoods.

    21/05/2014 07:11

  • TheHappyChav

    @MrGaryPaterson you can expect some more on @BBCOne #commonwealthcity 2 more series to come :)

    21/05/2014 01:16

  • MrGaryPaterson

    Image Glasgow's handling of the Jaconelli family will live on beyond games. £30k offer was an insult, bullying a disgrace. #CommonwealthCity

    21/05/2014 01:12

  • MrGaryPaterson

    #CommonwealthCity good watch. Shows how communities can be uprooted, intimidated, and eroded for these kind of events. Possibilities & pain.

    21/05/2014 01:09

  • NiallJackWalsh

    Scenes on #commonwealthcity would quiet simply make your blood boil... Social clenseing of the highest degree!!

    20/05/2014 22:49

  • MarkMcConway1

    Would love to see the risk assessment that allowed obvious endangerment of Jaconelli family, as their door was smashed in #commonwealthcity

    20/05/2014 22:24

  • SlimJimmeh

    Always surprises me how many junkies are also keen cyclists #commonwealthcity

    20/05/2014 22:00

  • TheHappyChav

    @ClunieNancy great to see @DalmarnockPS on TV, it's their futures after all x #commonwealthcity @glasgowfutures @PeoplesDevTrust @Yvonne_Kx

    20/05/2014 21:33

  • TheHappyChav

    You've done a great job @hello_bennett really captured people's lives and the story of Dalmarnock. #commonwealthcity #legacy #people

    20/05/2014 21:16

  • Littlespoon_86

    Wow watching Commonwealth City which was on the BBC last night......😳😁 Not showing Glaswegians in the best light #cringe #commonwealthcity

    20/05/2014 21:02

  • robster38

    #CommonwealthCity from @BBCScotland is a cracking documentary about the local impact and legacy of #Glasgow2014

    20/05/2014 20:09

  • TonyKennyAye

    #commonwealthcity #BBC last night subtitles correctly said that local 'entrepreneur' was a nephew of labour councillor George Redmond 1/3

    20/05/2014 19:42

  • Big_stevied1000

    Look like the police don't like us having opinions on fb about their actions evicting a family in dalmarnock in Glasgow. #commonwealthcity

    20/05/2014 19:04

  • cl_scott

    Catching up on #commonwealthcity from last night. An interesting doc and a few familiar faces! Looking forward to future episodes

    20/05/2014 17:02

  • iamnicolescally

    George Redmond, 'doing all he can for the community' translation- 'doing all he can for his bank account' #commonwealthcity

    20/05/2014 16:02

  • LotsOfTreesHere

    Watched #commonwealthcity on BBC last night. So angry. So. Angry. Seems the OC hell bent on destroying homes and livelihoods.

    20/05/2014 15:22

  • neely_r

    "In the east end of Glasgow a 15 yr old boy has only a 50:50 chance of making it to 65" Shameful #commonwealthcity

    20/05/2014 15:12

  • StefanCarlin

    Did anyone catch #commonwealthcity last night? If not I advise you not to watch as in my opinion it's a load of BS.

    20/05/2014 12:45

  • OrianBrook

    Well worth catching #commonwealthcity on BBC Iplayer - see @vikki_mccall's storify https://t.co/46t9K67Z1M

    20/05/2014 12:42

  • parcelorogues

    ah so the aspiring young entrepreneur featured in #commonwealthcity is George Redmond's nephew? seems legit.

    20/05/2014 12:21

  • geesmiff

    33% of all children in Glasgow live in poverty. Yet 27 @GlasgowCC staff earn more than £100K per year. #commonwealthcity

    20/05/2014 11:32

  • moridura

    #commonwealthcity The Glasgow Games will be a great media story - but that story now has a sombre sub-text, one that may dominates coverage.

    20/05/2014 11:24

  • moridura

    #commonwealthcity Can Games success ever justify the wrecked lives and hopes of Dalmarnock community? It's not too late to do right by them.

    20/05/2014 11:21

  • geesmiff

    Within the top 10 highest paid council employees in the UK, @GlasgowCC has five. #commonwealthcity http://t.co/UPHkQHGDzR

    20/05/2014 11:14

  • LibbyJPorter

    Just in - news from Dalmarnock. Curfews being imposed on local residents during CWG so athletes can sleep #CommonwealthCity gosh sounds fair

    20/05/2014 11:11

  • moridura

    #commonwealthcity The powerful financial and political interest surrounding the Games rode roughshod over the people and are still doing it.

    20/05/2014 11:09

  • LibbyJPorter

    @GerryBraiden that is cynical and vicious. Displacement is a feature of Games events everywhere, WAKE UP. #CommonwealthCity @moridura

    20/05/2014 10:47

  • clesliephoto

    #commonwealthcity @stephenabennett iplayer -http://t.co/JpBflvAfS3 more Jaconelli eviction - http://t.co/mugwKL4nD3 http://t.co/nDH0V3nnuf

    20/05/2014 09:56

  • jcpeasterhouse

    Commonwealth Games 2014 #commonwealthcity Countdown of Days to Games Opening – 64 days to go.

    20/05/2014 09:47

  • StefanCarlin

    Just finished watching #commonwealthcity not good at all. I could barely understand any of them.

    20/05/2014 09:26

  • FranMacdonald

    If you missed the episode 1 of #commonwealthcity you can catch up on iPlayer here http://t.co/KbDX0crvzt

    20/05/2014 09:19

  • KMurray315

    Watched #commonwealthcity. Compelling television, but the long term strategy for East End is missing or underplayed. Not just about Games.

    20/05/2014 08:50

  • vikki_mccall

    Did a little storify for those who missed the #commonwealthcity prog on BBC1 last night http://t.co/XOH13NwIQn @KirsteenPaton @RFMacDonald

    20/05/2014 08:32

  • A_BTweets

    Missed #CommonwealthCity #Glasgow2014 Catch up later in the week I think

    20/05/2014 05:50

  • FauldsKenneth

    As predicted, the documentary has divided opinions. Unless your from Dalmarnock you will never fully understand. #Fact #CommonwealthCity

    20/05/2014 00:47

  • mallygraveson

    Very nice work @hello_bennett. Brilliant bit of storytelling. Character led all the way. They clearly trusted you. #commonwealthcity

    20/05/2014 00:29

  • mallygraveson

    Very nice work @hello_bennett. Brilliant bit of storytelling. Character led all the way. They clearly trusted you. #commonwealthcity

    20/05/2014 00:29

  • mallygraveson

    What a brilliant bit of story telling. #commonwealthcity

    20/05/2014 00:17

  • nataliemcgarry

    After midnight and still trying to wind down from #indyref meeting in Ardrossan. Not helped by #CommonwealthCity.

    20/05/2014 00:12

  • Andrewkk11

    Made my TV debut #commonwealthcity #dalmarnock #Glasgow2014 #commonwealthgames @BBCScotland http://t.co/s39MbT4bJH

    20/05/2014 00:10

  • Dialectographer

    @Dialectographer: ...at free exhibition #PaddysMarketRevisited @ Wasps, the briggait 12-5pm ending this Friday. #commonwealthcity (2/2)

    20/05/2014 00:03

  • Dialectographer

    And a nod of course, to @clesliephoto 's amazing footage of the Jaconelli eviction on #commonwealthcity. See his work on Paddy's Market(1/2)

    20/05/2014 00:01

  • trendinaliaGB

    #Top3Apps for #commonwealthcity Twitter for iPhone 37% Twitter for Android 20% Twitter for iPad 13%

    19/05/2014 23:58

  • trendinaliaGB

    25,833 people could have seen #commonwealthcity since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic. #trndnl

    19/05/2014 23:58

  • MelissaLee_19

    Glasgow city council should be ashamed of themselves for what they've done to the Jaconelli family. Some legacy #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:56

  • chrussell21

    What about the boy falling off his bike at the start? #CommonwealthCity #Glasgow2014

    19/05/2014 23:55

  • winning_city

    Hope you all saw @hello_ bennett 's series #commonwealthcity featuring footage from our own @clesliephoto of the Jaconelli eviction.

    19/05/2014 23:53

  • hetty_cambridge

    #CommonwealthCity makes for shocking viewing. That poor #Jaconelli family. What a way to be treated?! http://t.co/0uSa5hQXLY

    19/05/2014 23:53

  • artaylors

    Quote from bbc documentary Glasgow #CommonwealthCity,Evicted family owner thrown out house"for arseholes to runabout in shorts for 2weeks"

    19/05/2014 23:53

  • 19SB83

    Still trying to get ma head round the way the @GlasgowCC treated Margaret and jack its shocking treated like dirt , #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:51

  • Stephen_Nic

    Great stuff by @BBCScotland Informative look into #CommonwealthCity and what it means for Glasgow and its people.

    19/05/2014 23:48

  • JayFind

    Interesting/important documentation of #commonwealthcity on #bbcscotland - so sorry for Jaconelli family - hope they're compensated at least

    19/05/2014 23:47

  • cllrdmeikle

    Lab Cllr George Redmond. Known locally as "Gorgeous George". Think I threw up in my mouth. #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:46

  • rfc_abbie

    That boy saying "tweet tweet" though 😂 #hilarious #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:46

  • mrderekbowers

    I hope she got her £80k for her £10k flat… Then got a bill from that layer for £90k! #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:45

  • sammac2

    Well done @hello_bennett, Great to hear what the local residents have to say about the games! #Peoplemakeglasgow #Commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:44

  • DanielKelly67

    Horrible seeing the way the Jaconelli family were treated in being evicted from their home. Legacy, what legacy? #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:43

  • RonnieMacKay

    Wish I was offered 90grand for my two bedroom flat in Cathcart in 2010!!! #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:43

  • FauldsKenneth

    @hello_bennett You should be really proud of yourself Stephen. You have done a wonderful and honest job! #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:43

  • sammaxwell94

    Well after watching #commonwealthcity it's even clearer why we should not support #alexsalmond he doesn't help his own people #VoteNo 👏😭

    19/05/2014 23:41

  • DJL78

    Even the choice of Martin Compston to narrate #CommonwealthCity and how he delivered his lines showed the tone they were going for. Poor.

    19/05/2014 23:40

  • AndrewMGlasgow

    That was some awesome trolling by the Jaconelli family there. #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:39

  • Steven_Neilson

    Don't really have a lot of sympathy for them, they were offered nearly 100k then gambled it by not accepting it #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:39

  • neilhattie67

    Enjoyed #commonwealthcity interesting to see the different side of the story.

    19/05/2014 23:38

  • annemarie6377

    Quite disturbing images watching #commonwealthcity It's easily forgotten that folk have lost houses in Glasgow for the event

    19/05/2014 23:37

  • TheBazBowski

    I'm not a fan of the BBC but hats off to BBC scotland for making #CommonwealthCity , highlights the other side they don't won't us to know

    19/05/2014 23:37

  • cbyrne1994

    We are all jaconelli! #commonwealthcity @AarronJaconelli

    19/05/2014 23:37

  • PaddyBrennan7

    Evicting people from their homes just so people can run about in shorts for 2 weeks Fantastic point from the evictee #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:37

  • kerrygold81

    Police Scotland doing their despicable worst #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:36

  • CarolleRalph

    #CommonwealthCity sad for so many reasons #inequalities #poverty yet a testimony to the spirit of #Glasgow pride determination warmth humour

    19/05/2014 23:36

  • PaddyBrennan7

    End of the day, your home is your home No-one has the right to take it from you #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:31

  • LisaWhittaker02

    Very 'interesting' portrayal of the East End compared to the West End of #Glasgow #commonwealthcity #Stereotypes #stigma

    19/05/2014 23:30

  • munkyfaz

    Piano lessons to learn the Eastenders theme tune , I think I'd be asking for a refund #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:28

  • _juliemurray

    I hate the way tv shows portray glasgow! It's a great city and they always show the run down, dirty areas! #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:23

  • MrJGTP

    For anyone who is not Scottish and watching #commonwealthcity 'stoor' means dust. That is all

    19/05/2014 23:22

  • Ellie_11

    Gorgeous George is having a debate with a guy holding garden shears #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:21

  • AndrewMGlasgow

    #CommonwealthCity There's something about some old-school Glasgow Labour politicians that scream quasi-gangster.

    19/05/2014 23:21

  • MunroeChristie

    Fascinating program about commonwealth games on BBC1. Both sides getting shown for a change. #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:20

  • scottnicoll1874

    #commonwealthcity shows Glasgow as it is.But should have been broadcast more widely.London, Belfast, Cardiff etc scrub up exactly the same.

    19/05/2014 23:17

  • Derek_Timothy

    That poor woman on #commonwealthcity is being screwed. Give her a flat.

    19/05/2014 23:15

  • NewAngel1990

    People seem to miss the sense of community n focus on the deprivation. Community is facing hardship yet thriving together #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:14

  • cllrdmeikle

    Delighted to see my favourite Labour councillor, George Redmond, on #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:11

  • Rm_morrison

    This #CommonwealthCity programme is really interesting, people's reactions to the games and seeing the sites before they were completed

    19/05/2014 23:11

  • NewAngel1990

    Convinced sport brings about social change? How bout investment in people? #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:08

  • cllrdmeikle

    Darren Faulds, nephew of Lab Cllr George Redmond, features on #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:07

  • sanchufish

    #commonwealthcity Callum, ssh, dont tell thum whit yey made, they'll send the social roon

    19/05/2014 23:06

  • TheGBrendano

    A lot of folk posting tonight who have had options in their lives sneering at this poverty porn #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:04

  • sharonhayward68

    In awe of your newfound media stardom @ClunieNancy #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:04

  • KittyCarrot

    @ClunieNancy It's yersel! #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:03

  • connormoore4

    hahahaha 'he found out he was dilexic' wonder where he got that from #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:02

  • williemcnab

    He found out he was dilexic. Oh did he? #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:01

  • andywartrol

    watching http://t.co/IS2YMwdui0 #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:01

  • vikki_mccall

    Dr Libby Porter hitting the nail on the head there - regeneration always in poorer areas as people have less of a voice #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 23:00

  • stewartmoohan

    @DRFW on the telly. #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 23:00

  • AngelaMMuir

    Not their usual sort of field trip! #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 22:59

  • marc_ohara

    The folk from the west end look terrified of the East end 😂😂😂 #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 22:58

  • PaulMcGeady

    Margaret Jaconelli got more money than her house was worth zero fucks are given her house/flat was a dump #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 22:56

  • LisaWhittaker02

    "Before you build the future you have to get rid of the past" #commonwealthcity not really sure I agree...

    19/05/2014 22:55

  • GaryLees23

    Dalmarnock = Shitehole #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 22:54

  • LisaWhittaker02

    Margaret Jaconelli: 7 years living in condemned flat has taken its toll, importance of #family #housing #place #identity #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 22:51

  • davelionelblack


    19/05/2014 22:51

  • CunnyFuntDanny

    By 2024, Dalmarnock will be back to the way it was. #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 22:50

  • zippy30

    Lol on #commonwealthcity the ned falling off his bike brilliant

    19/05/2014 22:49

  • vikki_mccall

    Margaret's story is heartbreaking #commonwealthcity forcing people from their homes shows the hidden impact of #regeneration

    19/05/2014 22:48

  • AndrewMGlasgow

    How many ducks and swans can you got for £300k Cllr Redmond? #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 22:48

  • spanishboysname

    Every single BBC meeting #commonwealthcity https://t.co/LlFbw10XfM

    19/05/2014 22:46

  • deeleya

    She's lost 12 stone?! FFS maybe I should move there #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 22:46

  • IainMerc

    #CommonwealthCity pure mad magic, so it is. Haw haw haw.

    19/05/2014 22:46

  • CunnyFuntDanny

    The problem with the east end regeneration is that we're moving back in the same people who ran it down in the first place #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 22:43

  • 19SB83

    Ma area Baltic on the telly #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 22:43

  • ColinMcGeechan

    "so's arseholes can run aboot in shorts for two weeks" #commonwealthcity.

    19/05/2014 22:43

  • JohnRaff81

    #commonwealthcity that boy on the bike!!! I'm killing myself!

    19/05/2014 22:43

  • DissolveMe

    A know everybody on this programme and it's makin me feel that embarrassed a wanty die #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 22:41

  • deeleya

    Watching #commonwealthcity will it be good or cringey?

    19/05/2014 22:41

  • GaryLees23

    Ya bastard 🚲😂😂 #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 22:40

  • Celticsleftwing

    Watching #commonwealthcity on #bbc1. Tune in.

    19/05/2014 22:39

  • BBCLisaSummers

    64 days until #gw2014 now on BBC1 the story of those who have been living with it for years and long after it's gone #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 22:36

  • Yvonne_Kx

    @hello_bennett @BBCLisaSummers Need a hashtag Stephen #commonwealthcity

    19/05/2014 22:36

  • JohnMcCue2

    No matter what happens and whats said in the next hour or so @AarronJaconelli will always be ma pal, its all that matters #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 22:23

  • carlinwallace

    Gutted to be in Dorset and unable to watch the brilliant #CommonwealthCity don't worry @hello_bennett I shall iplayer it!

    19/05/2014 22:19

  • KirsteenPaton

    settling down to watch #CommonwealthCity BBC1 10.35 only to find...it's not on in England, is it? Mon the BBC! @vikki_mccall - fill me in?

    19/05/2014 21:21

  • hello_bennett

    Hello @BBCScotland - #CommonwealthCity - an amazing 3x1hr documentary series starts tonight. BBC1 Scot, 10.35pm

    19/05/2014 19:47

  • hello_bennett

    #CommonwealthCity Over 4 years in the making, months of editing and far too much coffee. Hope everyone likes my new 3x1hr series

    19/05/2014 19:43

  • ClunieNancy

    Will be tired tomorrow but sitting up to watch BBC1 at 10.35 #CommonwealthCity

    19/05/2014 19:30

  • carensababy

    @loudchick1 @LoopyLou111 @ch3ry1r31d @BBCOne Need to watch 10.30pm #commonwealthcity #glasgow #eastend #zoomercentral

    19/05/2014 19:02

  • BBCLisaSummers

    Who's watching #CommonwealthCity tonight? BBC 1 at 22.35 #Dalmarnock #GW2014

    19/05/2014 17:27

  • LisaWhittaker02

    #CommonwealthCity BBC1 10.35pm Monday - 'what happens to an East End community when Scotland's biggest ever sporting event comes to town'?

    15/05/2014 21:06

  • vicshere

    Guess Where Your Train Will Leave From | Ruminations http://t.co/2yzJhUkgEJ #Networkrail #Scotrail #Commonwealthcity #Glasgowcentral

    23/04/2014 21:47

  • Tweets Ep 2

  • Polly McDonald

    May 26

    BBC 1 city

    It was really good last week

  • Jennifer Condie

    May 26

    Buzzing for the next episode of commonwealth city. The only way is Glasgow

  • Josh Halliday

    May 26

    Commonwealth City episode 2 starting on bbc one in a minute check it out tells you about people affected by commonwealth games

  • Craig Cochrane

    May 26

    Can't wait for

  • Michael Parker

    May 26

    Commonwealth City. Local resident demonstrates why backwards cycling is not being targetted for a Scottish gold.

  • Nancy Clunie ‏May 26

    Wee reminder that 2nd part of Commonwealth City is on tonight. - you've got everyone talking.

  • LotsOfTreesHere ‏May 26

    BBC1 tonight, 10.40pm part 2. I predict more enraging moments.

  • KarenO ‏May 26

    Well impressed with again, hats off to those trying to do best they can for themselves/families in face of adversity

  • Lisa Whittaker ‏May 26

    I hope the promise is delivered & there are 10,000 new jobs in East End

  • Leann Farrell ‏May 26

    It's an absolute shame that the Commonwealth City showed the shame of Glasgow with the orange walk.

  • Craig Cochrane ‏May 26‬

    An example of bad communities? Naw an example of a strong community, surviving in the face of adversity

  • King Gerry ‏May 26

    Over 300 Orange Walks in Glasgow, more than Derry and Belfast combined??? WTF?

  • Lisa Whittaker ‏May 26

    "I know why I'm here, because there are people in the East End who live in poverty..." Yvonne Kucuk, Labour councillor

  • Loreburne ‏May 26

    Sad looking at in all its glory on on BBC 1

  • Dianne ODonnell ‏May 26

    Lots of respect for Councillor Yvonne. Her passion for local Community to be commended. Other Councillors shld take note.

  • kerrygold ‏May 26

    Guardian article on the regeneration / destruction of Dalmarnock

  • Glasgow faces up to reality of a divided Commonwealth Games legacy

    Scottish city's east end hoped staging this summer's event would mean regeneration, but it also meant a lot of destructionPoll: are the Commonwealth Games good for Glasgow?

  • Claire McCracken ‏May 26

    You've really got to question the meaning of legacy when they can't even replace a wee community centre that's demolished

  • James Connolly ‏May 26

    Glasgow humour. From . Portrait of Lord Provost in City Chambers (Baronet details subtly altered).

  • Stewart A ‏May 26

    Think too much money has been spent on ? 6 mega projects that only benefit SE England cost £90bn

  • Nancy Clunie ‏May 26

    Loved Callum's comment 'you think you hate school until you leave it'.

  • chris leslie ‏May 27

    episode 2 on iplayer and nice promotional photography ;)

  • Steven O'Donnell ‏May 27

    150 expected, Close to 400 turned up. is a community with a lot of unhappy residents

  • Stephen Bennett

    Jun 1

    'Waterloo Road', 'River City' to air Commonwealth Games storylines via

  • Gary Paterson MSYP

     May 31

    shows how Glasgow can be unequal & different in places but shows how education, opportunity, & community can unite us all.

  • Mark McGhee

    May 31

    South side of Glasgow is looking like shit no commonwealth games happening there

  • Julie White

    Jun 1

    please hurry up & tell us - is running in Glasgow - with 7 weeks to go uz must know

  • Catch-up TV guide: from Happy Valley to Commonwealth City

  • Hector Bizerk

    May 19

    the treatment of Mrs Jaconelli is nothing short of repugnant. Imagine your own home bulldozed for a temporary water tank#Shame

  • Amanda O'Neill

    May 30

    a must see!

  • HuertaNueva

    May 29

    Miss the madness & greatness of heart, that is Glasgow - media programme, but carries the brilliance of the City

  • David Stoddart

    May 29

    on my FB my friends were discussing the next ep of Commonwealth using words like 'brilliant' & 'heartbreaking'.

  • MichaelaMunroPEEK

    May 28

    Great to have someone in Glasgow's East End who actually does what they say! And especially a woman!!

  • Peter Curran

    May 26

    Don't forgetPart 2 of Commonwealth City is on BBC tonight. Get more on the Dalmarnock story. Unmissable if you care about Glasgow's people.

  • Springburn Park WG

    May 26

    . Good article about the short sighted demolition of Dalmarnock's historic tenements:

  • Stuart Duffy

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  • BEFS ‏Jun 2

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  • Save the Accord ‏Jun 2

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    Residents told fences will stay

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    ...interesting comments from re what this will mean in terms of different classes living in same place

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    Horrified by disparity of compensation between speculators and what Mgt & Jack offered.

  • Mary

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    EXACTLY my 1st thought, almost certain that great sense of "community" is lost forever, very sad#commonwealthcity

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