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War and Justice : Synopsis

My Role
David McKinlay
Exec Producer Channel 4
Anna Moralis
Exec Producer
Alan Clements
Mick McAvoy
Chris Terrill
Mark Thomas
Prod Co
Two Rivers Media
Uppercut Films
Channel 4
Transmission Date
31st July 2022

I don’t think I am a murderer. I don't think I was a murderer. I am not a murderer - Al Blackman

From a war against Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan to a legal battle in the UK, this landmark documentary details one of the most controversial events in the 20-year war on terror.  On the 15th September 2011 an unarmed and wounded Afghan insurgent was unlawfully shot in the chest by a British Royal Marine who went on to tell his men that he “just broke the Geneva Convention”. Uniquely it was all filmed on a Corporal’s head cam.

With an exclusive interview with Alexander Blackman, known to most as Marine A, it reveals the story of that one day in Helmand. Featuring never seen before, recently recovered, combat footage, and many who have never spoken on camera before, including the Judge who sentenced Blackman to life imprisonment, War and Justice takes audiences into the dark heart of those minutes in battle and the ensuing four-year legal campaign that his wife waged to set him free.

Was Blackman, as some suggest, a cold-blooded murder? Or was he a Marine psychologically damaged by war?