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The Council : Synopsis


3x 60’
My Role
Narrated by
Dougray Scott
Exec Producer BBC
Ewan Angus
Exec Producer for IWC Media
Elspeth O’Hare
Series Producer
Jennifer Gilroy
Prod Co
IWC Media
BBC1 Scotland
Transmission Date
9pm, Wed 7th Dec

Councils across Scotland are facing punishing budget cuts, but with higher demand than ever for public services, the pressure on local authorities has never been greater. From educating our children to caring for our elderly and protecting the vulnerable, this series follows the council staff are on the frontline.

Ep 1

JP works with deprived communities in Glenrothes and having secured a 10,000 grant from the council, he wants the community to decide how to spend the money. Housing officer Karen is shocked to discover what a family has left behind when they moved out of their house in Collydean. And in Methil, Diane needs to find a new house for 60 year-old, Motorhead fan, Davey who hasn’t been able to leave his home for over a year.

Ep 2

Housing officers Stacy and Catherine help a woman who has committed a crime as she can’t afford to heat her home. In Dunfermline, Nicola is desperate for the council to provide care for her severely autistic son Curtis when he leaves college. And a tenant needs to be rehoused in a safe place after being assaulted

Ep 3

Family support worker Julie works with struggling dads, and is trying to help one Dad gain access to his baby daughter. Homecarer Marion provides critical care to some of the council’s most vulnerable old people, and one local resident mounts a media campaign against the council after her home is infested with rats.