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Screen Grab : Synopsis

My Role
Filmed, Produced and Directed
Exec Producer BBC
Jo Street
Exec Producer for Beezr Studios
Alasdair MacCuish
Paul Crompton
Prod Co
Beezr Studios
BBC Scotland
Transmission Date
11th Dec 2019

Screen Grab is a family show that confronts the problem of excessive screen time with a radical solution. Around the world parents/guardians agonise over how to tear their kids away from social media and gaming, all the while checking their own emails and social media or playing a sneaky game online. The home of the Mitchell family in Ayrshire is typical of many families across the country. It has become awash with multiple screens being used simultaneously and basic eye to eye communication is all but lost.

Presenter Claire Lim and her team of experts, family councillor Kirsty Giles and tech expert Scott McGready, introduce the family to their Screen Grab kit – cctv cameras inside and outside the house along with sophisticated technology to show them how they’ve become so badly disconnected. With a dramatic intervention, using the Screen Grab box the show begins to help the family change their habits.