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Pride and Privilege : Synopsis

A year in the life of Glenalmond College

Observational Documentary
My Role
Executive Producer
Peter Barber-Fleming
Production Company
Saltire Film and TV Productions
Ewan Angus
BBC Two Scotland
Transmission Dates
Ep 1:
9pm, 18 November 2008
BBC2 Scotland
7pm, 19 November 2008
BBC2 Scotland
(Pre watershed repeat)
Ep 2:
9pm, 25 November 2008
BBC2 Scotland
7pm, 26 November 2008
BBC2 Scotland
(Pre watershed repeat)
Ep 3:
9pm, 2 December 2008
BBC2 Scotland
7pm, 3 December 2008
BBC2 Scotland
(Pre watershed repeat)

Glenalmond College is one of Scotland’s oldest and most prestigious Public Schools. Nestled in the middle of the rolling hills in Perthshire, it costs nearly £24,000 a year to send your child there.

It’s a world where ancient Greek and lacrosse go hand in hand; where Chapel is mandatory six days a week; and where class sizes range from 2 to 20 pupils. But beneath the sandstone to find a place where pupils have their own bar, a sauna and find a way to sneak cigarettes and alcohol in.

Now for the first time in over 160 years, it has granted one state educated child a full 100% scholarship. How will Tom fare? Will the Public School bubble embrace him or spit him out…?

Filmed over a 12 month period.

MIP 2009: Pride and Privilege is acquired by Israel Television

Nov 2009 Pride and Privilege acquired by the national Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA), and Teachers TV