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Pig Story : Synopsis

My Role
Executive Producer
David Smith
Production Company
Short film Scheme
Cineworks (£10k budget)
BBC 1 Scotland
Transmission Date
11.25pm, 28th Nov 2004
BBC One Scotland
High Def

Selected for Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2003 and Edinburgh International Film Festival 2003.

After nine years of insomnia, I decide enough is enough. I go to meet the very things which helps me get to sleep at night - three flying pigs from the famous (at least in my mind) Zurich Insurance adverts. But will this lead to a permanent cure I so desperately hope, or will it, as Elvis sings in Flaming Star, lead to my downfall?

As the first short documentary to be shot on HD (it was filmed in early 2003) I found sponsorship to shoot on the massive CineAlta HD camera using Panavision prime lenses – see camera here

This was the camera of choice for the Wachowski Brother’s ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ (they had five Cine Altas!), George Luca’s Star Wars Episode III, ‘Revenge of the Sith’, and James Cameron’s ‘Ghost of the Abyss’ (he had two shooting in stereo to create 3D).

Of the 25 Cineworks films commissioned, Pig Story was one of only four films (and the sole Cineworks documentary) that was shown on terrestrial TV (BBC Scotland). It made Pick of the Day in the Sunday Mail.