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Fast and Furious in Fife : Synopsis

Observational Documentary
My Role
Executive Producer
Chris Kelly
Production Company
Lion TV
May Miller
BBC One Scotland
Transmission date
7.30pm, Jan. 2004
BBC One Scotland
Digi Beta

Crail. Quiet, quaint and by the sea. An ideal place to retire or have a B&B. But not any more… Every year 20,000 petrol heads come to burn rubber and race on Scotland’s only ¼ mile racetrack outside the coastal village in Fife. To the racers, the Crail Thrash is a souped-up shoot-out, where first is first and second is nowhere. To the locals, it’s the end of their peace: a noisy and unwelcome invasion, where kids pee on the street, and where it’s hard to cross the road to by a paper because of the steady stream of pimped up cars. Armed with the local Councillor the old dears are hatching plans to shut down the local entrepreneur’s highly lucrative operation. Meanwhile two best friends, Kim and Ruth, are about to compete in their first drag race.

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