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Atomic Espionage : Synopsis

Executive Producer
Kuniaki Tsuruya
Keimei Yamazaki
UK Recon Producer
Lucinda Van Rie
Malachite Films
Reconstructions written and directed by
Stephen Bennett

'Atomic Espionage' - NHK's inaugural Drama Documentary details the race for the 'brains' and science behind the atomic bomb.

To TX Aug 2015 as part of NHK's 70th anniversary of Hiroshima.

22 actors played key figures in Japan, America, Germany and Russia. Included delivering a complex physics lecture about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal.

see http://www.jimbaggott.com/articles/nhk-tv-programme-on-atomic-espionage/

17 bespoke sets built featuring period Russian laboratories, American HQ, raids in Strasbourg University, a Belgium Warehouse and a German chalet in the Bavarian Alps, before culminating in the office of Yoshio Nishina, the founding father of Japanese Physics Research


It is 70 years since the advent of the atomic bomb, the most extreme weapon humankind has ever produced. Why did nuclear weapons spread across the Earth? The starting point was an intense spy war that took place in the midst of World War Ⅱ. With an eye to gaining a monopoly over nuclear weapons, the United States established a mysterious espionage unit called the Alsos Mission. Its purpose was to prevent Germany, the Soviet Union, and Japan from developing atomic bombs. What became of the spies and scientists who were caught up in the contest that would determine postwar supremacy? This startling story, based on newly found documents, is told through documentary and dramatic recreation.