A self shooting observational documentary producer/director making engaging, thought-provoking films about real people, often filming over extended timeframes.

Darren McGarvey’s Scotland : Reviews

6x 30’
My Role
Series Filmed and Directed
Written and Presented by
Darren McGarvey
Exec Producer BBC
David Harron
Exec Producer for Tern TV
Harry Bell
Prod Co
Tern TV
BBC Scotland
Transmission Date
10pm, Tues 3rd Sept
10pm, Tues 10th Sept
10pm, Tues 17th Sept
10pm, Tues 24th Sept
10pm, Tues 1st Oct
10pm, Tues 8th Oct

I urge you to seek it out for an unvarnished, unsentimental and angry exposition of the nation’s ills

The strength of McGarvey’s films lie in his determination to do his own thing. They are not straight reportage, with talking head A balancing talking head B, with a flurry of statistics on top. He talks to the people he needs to make his case. You’ll never hear anything like that on Panorama, and that’s exactly why his programme is needed

insightful and impeccably researched series

McGarvey has an ability to allow people to speak for themselves on film which gives the series an authenticity